“ Years Moreover ” ~ before the dark ~

I’ve sought living

Years moreover,

As man’s dream

Be time wanting,

Leaves me plead

Ne’er be enough,

Though I concede

Years so far lived,

Holds clearly best

Be time life gave,

Save so ascribed

A morose grave,

As destined site

Fixed be man’s fate,

Thus beg stall plight

For score or more,

Before the dark,

Becomes eternal night!     

                            ode to friend Basile, now in eternal night…

5 thoughts on ““ Years Moreover ” ~ before the dark ~

  1. Agreement with previous message “Before the dark, Becomes the eternal night!”
    Such thoughts by such a young man! However, when our ‘replacements’ (what Seinfeld calls his children) are in their 30’s or 40’s, our mortality is being challenged.
    Thought evoking prose once again. Thanks for sharing this.

    • Thank you John, once again for your ever perceptive observations, but not to dwell to long on the issue of my cheating the Grim Reaper, suffice to agree that indeed my mortality is challenged with children of children. However it is now reaching beyond that, in as much as a dear man and desired friend, extinguished this very morning. I’d just finished this piece yesterday, and intended to dedicate it to my now departed friend, as said departure though half expected was lightening quick… et bouleversent, to say the least! I shall now dedicate it to this grand man, Basile. May his new journey, if a journey there be… soit à la hauteur de ce grand et merveilleux individu !


      • Hello JJ

        Please accept my heartfelt condolences in the passing of such a treasured friend. Your recent poem addressing how people and relationships past remain with us may provide some solace in these trying times.


        John Dykeman

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