“ What We Left Behind ” ~ remains part of us ~

What’s left behind

We may forget,

Tho some of which

With much regret,

Albeit dismissed

As mere neglect,

Persists remain

As part of us,

One suffers fret

Fate instils thus,

Till life defines

Best one be bold,

Ere to achieve

A state of mind,

To render whole

Wouldst fix to find,

Inspiring soul

Desires opine,

Worth rescue

What we left behind!

                     An ode to wishful thinking!

6 thoughts on ““ What We Left Behind ” ~ remains part of us ~

  1. Back in Vancouver after a few weeks away. Always a joy to have your posts come on my reader. The words, “worth rescue” stood out for it brings out the thought that we must consider what we consider worthy, especially in retrospect. Very interesting thought…

    • Good point, and of course the question of worth, even considered has questionable implication. Ever quickening evaporation of time has someone like me consider such issues. In my retrospect, I can think of but a few uncompleted or neglected worthy subjects, that linger near the surface which might qualify for rescue. There are more than a few left behind, though not of the level to linger near the surface. But as my ode expresses… a wishful thinking indulgence, less than well hidden in the wrappings of a poem. The prerogative of an aging scribbler cum poet… as to poet, who knows.

      I thank you for acknowledging the thought of this piece, and welcome back to Canada.


      • It is good to be home. I was in the land of Robert Louis Stevenson. One of my favourite quotes by him is: ““We are all travelers in the wilderness of this world, and the best we can find in our travels is an honest friend.” Robert Louis Stevenson

        Perhaps that is the thing of greatest worth. Thank you, my dear friend.

      • To find an honest friend, as expressed by the Mr. Stevenson… indeed as you suggest, a thing of greatest worth! Thank you for that, Rebecca. Jean-Jacques

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