“ A Form ” ~ not the norm ~

I see a form


Lifting upward

In disguise,

Tho not the norm

Can but surmise,

This giant butterfly

Just barely born

To suffer such a size,

Said dinosaurian wings

Be excesses I do see,

In a world now on the brim

Man’s antics caused it be!

6 thoughts on ““ A Form ” ~ not the norm ~

    • Thank you Paulette. After reading yesterday, about the destruction of bird life world wide by the multi millions, due to insecticides and these master corporations fooling around with genetic seeds and feed; this was my first writing effort coming back from a 12 day stay in Italy this past Thursday, though not wanting to be too obvious about the influence but wanting to make a point, produced A Form ~ not the norm ~ Pleased that it reaches. Thanks again. Jean-Jacques

  1. Dear Jean-Jacques, I am sorry for having been away with my comments. I trust your understanding of my work schedule’s crazy demands. Do not think, though, that I am far from enjoying your poetry. On the contrary! I come to you today with a simple inquiry: are any of your books available as electronic copies on Nook? I will be traveling to Turkey very shortly and as an obsessive light-packer I would love it, if your books could accompany me in this way. So, I thought I would ask…My best wishes for your continued writing of beautiful poetry!

    • Hello my dear friend. Of course I understand work demands, and especially of career people as yourself. As well there is no need to be sorry, as my thoughts and expressions of same make no demands of acknowledgement. They are there simply for the sake of being there, and to be taken from if and when the spirit moves one to do so, freely without obligations save recognition of the author’s rights. I know you read my work when time allows and one can’t ask for more, so I am thankful for the honour.

      As to an ebook of my work, we have only done one and that is the book Issues ~ of black and white ~ second edition. You can get it online if you go on my blog site, and next to the slot about Jean-Jacques Fournier, click in the slot My Books. If you click on here where it says click here, that will open to all my books available in the right hand frame where it says see more, and you will see the one and only ebook of mine you can order there, if you wish.

      Best wishes to you dear Hülya, and have a wonderful trip to Turkey.

      As always, à bientôt, cher ami. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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