“ Looking ” ~ to understand ~


To understand,

Who will demand

Of a wrongful hand,

We have empowered

And thus so entrusted,

To buttress held best

Our collective interest,

As a protector elect,

Without he transgress

His mandated integrity,

For we, the people nation,

Of this, fictional free, land!

4 thoughts on ““ Looking ” ~ to understand ~

    • I echo your sentiment, up to the point of “the real question, is there an answer”. Because there is an answer. Unfortunately for me it will not happen in my lifetime. But history tells vividly that eventually people cannot live any longer on the edge of disaster. Nor will put up with a status quo that protects the wealthy, the powerful, and their usable pawns who create and or ignore the damage…

      Ergo they the empowered and entrusted will need be they who will have the people with them to turn on those who self-servingly benefit to the detriment of their lesser fortunate fellow humans and creatures, with their damaging indifference and greed.

      Necessary for survival, future generations, more educated, more knowledgeable and well informed as to repeating history accepting the same or like crop of the failed fearless leaders to whom we have given our trust, will go the way of the dinosaurs. Humans will be forced to devise a true and honest form of democratic living for this world, which to date has yet to exist save the emptiness of the word, used by politicians. Nothing of our so called humanity nor this world will survive otherwise!


      • I really enjoy reading your thoughts! I’ve been reading a little of Joseph Campbell of late and came across this thought which I thought you would appreciate:

        “We’re not on our journey to save the world but to save ourselves. But in doing that you save the world. The influence of a vital person vitalizes.”

        Dear friend, you vitalize our world. Thank you!!!

      • Thank you my friend for such an over large, though touching, compliment. That you should mention the writing of the Joseph Campbell, in context with my humble words is an honour indeed.

        And yes of course I do appreciate these words of his, and that you should choose to share them with me. Alas it is this level of thought that must permeate people’s way of thinking, world wide, if this planet is to survive in a livable fashion for generations to follow.

        Thanks again Rebecca! Jean-Jacques

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