“ Getting There ” ~ not when, but how ~


There was a time,

Getting there then,

Be an adventure

Held half the fun,

For easy ‘twas when

Deemed be secure,

With far less care

That now pretends,

Hold standard fare…


Getting there then

Said long ago now,

Offered a man

Its traveler’s best,

Be carriage or scow,

Save else on foot

Was all it took,

When journey held,

Not when, but how!


                                                  ode to travelers, suffering

                                                                  security tribulations!

6 thoughts on ““ Getting There ” ~ not when, but how ~

    • Thank you Paulette… The thought of another upcoming trip, and the disagreeably tiresome security procedures, and airline travel chaos of today, as compared to the past pleasures of travel, created a ready if not easy inspiration for this “Getting There” poem. Jean-Jacques

      • Happy Sunday to you too Paulette…

        You’re right, but we adjust as we must. However remembering the pleasurable experiences, contemporary times has seen fit, and progressive to do away with, thankfully, said times does not erase those rich and valued memories. Jean-Jacques

  1. When I was in Banff a few years ago, I viewed photos of William Cornelius Van Horne, the illustrious general manage of the Canadian Pacific Railway. He was credited with seeing the tourism potential of the Canadian West. This was the Victorian age, of course. And those who travelled possessed the necessary wealth. The amount of trunks that accompanied the tourists from England and elsewhere was mind-boggling. It seems that travel is in our DNA. But I share your thoughts on the travel complexities that our age has produced. But at least we don’t have the huge trunks.

    • Thank you Rebecca, for this interesting response. You are lighting another avenue to the sentiments of my getting there. First let me say that I personally don’t go back that far, though thru my parents and grandparents I was exposed to they living in the huge trunk period.

      Having had to live all the back and forth trips to France and Europe and elsewhere in the last 15 or 20 years plus, I sometimes wishes for what the huge trunks that long stays signified.

      However we are part of the short trip stay generation who for the most part travel and live in jeans and sneakers , ergo no huge trunks needed. Alas no huge trunks, but in its place we are made to suffer transportation in sardine like packed aeroplanes, on one cheek seats, eating cardboard food out of plastic containers, with (using the term loosely) plastic utensils. No huge trunk, but a poor tradeoff after being subjected to animal like security checks in hour long lineups, and rushing to wait in said endless lineups to face custom and immigration tyrants.

      I consider myself fortunate having experienced air traveling in the days of china dishes, (not China plastic throwaway) silver-plate utensils on a comfortable club style seat, even in non-first class travel. Travel by air, train or boat was then a treat to look forward to, while todays, especially by air, is a nightmarish ordeal we are stressed out and anxious to get past, if getting there is required.

      We have one of those getting there trips soon to be faced. So lease forgive my indulging in the good old days.


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