5 thoughts on ““ Years ” ~ of living’s best ~

    • The speed with which life moves make it near impossible, if not completely, to hold the memory of it all. So as you so appropriately put it, best be grateful for every day we have now, and if I may add, of living’s best worth remembering. Thank you Paulette. Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. Can you possibly imagine my special joy when I ran into your poem during my rare reading moments my blog site offers me, dear Jean-Jacques? Thank you for sharing this lovely poem. Sending you my best wishes for more of your poetic creativity.

    • Thanks chère Hülya, and pleased, but not surprised that this poem in particular should get your attention. It was written for the likes of us who have out of the ordinary feelings for the joy of being alive, and making a point of do so memorably, for as much and as long as possible. Happy long, enjoyable and memorable days, dear friend! Jean-Jacques

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