“ I The Other Cat ” ~ mean find my share ~


On any given day

Thru jade green eyes,

This tabby silver grey

Kaspar finds a way,

To feed his lofty size,

As last of litter’s late

He’s instinct wise,

And each needy day,

He’ll ne’er hesitate

To best accommodate

His territorial play,

And will nevermore

With his regal sway,

Be but the other cat

Nor want consider aught,

Have less than a fair share,

That needs consume the lot!


                             ode to Kaspar our other Maine Coon cat..


4 thoughts on ““ I The Other Cat ” ~ mean find my share ~

    • Thanks again Rebecca. I’d written a poem about our other feline, Kallista older by a year, about a year and a half ago called “I The Cat”~ on an ailing day ~ with a picture of both attached. Paulette had suggested then I write one about Kaspar, and with books in the making and all it had slipped my mind. Well it popped back in yesterday, and out came “I The Other Cat”… Jean-Jacques

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