“ Man’s Hold ” ~ means to be fed ~

A singular being
Akin to whole,
Who so composed
Said worthy soul,
Be for man’s hold
Who means be fed
Criteria set at gold,
What he inclines,
Wouldst so conjure
His bidding designs,
So with wile he lures
A yet fallible mind,
However be times
Anguish will sway,
Doubt finds its way
To a vibrant head,
Where fate declines!

2 thoughts on ““ Man’s Hold ” ~ means to be fed ~

    • Thank you Rebecca, I agree with you when we are in that position of freedom to control our own destiny. But most of that kind of freedom in this day and age, of big brother watching, and big money power who do the real controlling of our lives thru our elected non choices, doesn’t leave that much of the kind of freedom your point offers.

      Oh we control our day to day personal issues. but only within the bounds of watered down perimeters that our society still holds onto, and with much difficulty at that. I do like that thought though of… Freedom lies in letting go! A good one to apply as often and wherever we still can. Jean-Jacques

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