“ The Mask ” ~ a place to hide ~

You now find
A need hide,
Where time
Sets disguise,
Be the mask
Fits façade,
Meant to hold
Live inside,
There to be bold
A fatiguing soul,
Best obscured
In the interim,
One ways discern
Thence half alive,
To suffer return
Eluding hell’s burn
In this interval bide,
Held be place to hide!

6 thoughts on ““ The Mask ” ~ a place to hide ~

    • Thanks Paulette. I get your kind of feelings too, save when at times in periods of transition, one needs to hide even from ones self, in a manner of speaking, so as not to loose the momentum of completing the journey to a new life. I’ve reinvented these old bones of mine more times than enough, so I speak from personal journeys. Jean-Jacques

    • Merci Diane,

      Well, dear lady, me thinks you too might have recognized some members of society who were or are not hidden as well as they’ve believed. Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you… I must admit that life’s bumps and shoves, and years of it, though quite normal, in spite of the enjoyment of being and feeling alive, ones soul eventually fatigues. Life’s worth, at least to me, holds that one fixes what needs fixing, and thus so without any obvious fuss, ergo the virtual mask so to speak…thank you very much! JJ

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