“ The Celebration ” ~ in a timeless place ~

The while I linger
With uncertainty
I seek to find
A sanguine state,
Thus so in time
To join the gods
Who laugh at fate,
And celebrate,
Careless of life
In a timeless place!

ode to the sanity of fantasy…

9 thoughts on ““ The Celebration ” ~ in a timeless place ~

  1. When I was very young, my grandfather asked why I was so unhappy. I can’t remember what caused the angst but I remember his words to this very day. He told me that “whatever we decide to be, we just get better at it as we get older.” I think that is how I came to understand what it is to celebrate – to chose celebration as an act of living. It is as you said so brilliantly: “living the ode to the sanity of fantasy.” 🙂

    • Thank you Rebecca! It just seems that as I pile on the years, fantasy much like dreams do, increase in volume, variety, and most of all, importance, all of which keeps a crazy poetic scribbler as I, reasonably sane in this ever more confusing and, sad to admit, sorry world. In spite of its sorry state, I love life with all its beauty and its ugliness. Jean-Jacques

    • Ah yes my dear Paulette… your are one person from whom I could not have expected anything less than positive. Your life’s work and dedication for the good of fellow creatures says it all. One must understand love, not to let the world’s ugliness get in the way of the beautiful that exists. Jean-Jacques

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