“ Errant Knight ” ~ an untimely spirit ~

Once errant knight
I journeyed bold
To the edge of life,
An untimely spirit
On a world in plight
Now in endless dark,
With anxious mind
Renders so eager
To leave behind,
Seen odious times
Wants ne’er more suffer,
These ominous flights
They’ve made of our world!

7 thoughts on ““ Errant Knight ” ~ an untimely spirit ~

    • Thank you my friend…After last week’s moral affront this once errant soul, I once thought of myself, hasn’t much room left for hope, which seemingly more than ever paints images of wishful thinking in its stead. Though the saying lives with me, that time heals all, it’s hard not to wonder if enough time is left. Sorry to sound so pessimistic, the opposite of my normal, but Charlie’s people’s fate in France, those few days ago, went over the top for me. Jean-Jacques

      • Understandable, this horrific crime. But, it doesn’t wipe out the good in the hearts of those wanting peace on earth, and although that may never come to pass, with the dualistic stance of “us vs them” it can make our days here on this planet easier, in heart and soul. Such a pathetically sorrowful situation.

      • You’re right of course, and I thank you for bringing your necessary positive thinking to fore. Leave it to you, my kind friend to do just that! Jean-Jacques

  1. My dear friend, the moment I saw the title of your poem, I thought of this quote:

    “What is more dangerous than to become a poet? which is, as some say, an incurable and infectious disease.” Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra, Don Quixote

    Thank you for your words, your thoughts and ideas. They inspire me.

    • I do indeed love the way your thoughts open to such a wide variety of interesting people, times and intellectual mix. To have ones words, ideas and emotional expressions linked to these historical masters, is to say the least ” le summum d’un compliment “. You’re too kind, my dear and encouraging friend, and I thank you ever so much! Jean-Jacques

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