“ Uncertainty ” ~ a constant presence ~

Memory so defines
To image words,
Would illuminate
A state of mind,
Ought not disguise
The world we live,
To cease give weigh
Upon such thought,
As be life certainties
From our creation
Till we’re no more,
Thus to provoke
Such self deceptions,
One should fail heed
What man must live,
As constant presence
Bound by uncertainty!

7 thoughts on ““ Uncertainty ” ~ a constant presence ~

    • Thank you Paulette. I suppose if one is looking for something warm and cuddly to feel assured and secure, about life in this world, they’ll have a difficult time finding it in this poem. Jean-Jacques

  1. Always thought provoking…Your propensity to keep a pace of prolific poetry production (turning these out on a daily basis, it seems) is profoundly impressive.

    Regards from the Island (Montreal).

    • Thanks John… Yes thoughts on a daily basis is rather normal for all of us, but that they have enough merit to work themselves into something I want to share, seems to come in waves. Depending on the size and strength of the storm determines the frequency, as well as the amount of matter that stays behind to gather as the spirit moves me.

      I suppose the length of my time on this planet so far surely has something to do with all I have to scribble and want to share or put out there for thought or provocation. Every so often something seems to come out about right, enough to cause reaction, which is indeed most gratifying to me.

      Regards from the townships (Province Q) Jean-Jacques

  2. In my experience, certainty is overrated. The adventure, the excitement of living comes from uncertainty. It keeps me astonished, surprised and looking around the next corner. 🙂

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