“ Perhaps ” ~ he’ll not admit ~

His irrelevance
To a discomfited spirit,
Evasively duplicitous
He’ll not admit,
Says perhaps
What’s left of feelings
Has him camouflage
His immoral guile,
For his commits
He wants believe
They be a proper fit!

4 thoughts on ““ Perhaps ” ~ he’ll not admit ~

    • Thank you Paulette. We are a complex animal, aren’t we! Not wanting to face who we are, thus to the point of forcing ourselves to live with self created negativism that for the most part can be easily discarded for a better life’s road. I watch bewildered at man’s capacity to needlessly endure. Jean-Jacques

  1. I have often wondered whether we can build additional capacity to think. Alternately, is it possible that by not engaging in mindful thinking, we lose the ability altogether!

    • Me thinks within your reflection there is an answer, if you reverse is it to it is possible. Like in so many other important aspects of life, that says if you don’t use it, you loose it. As to building additional capacity to think, time aging, and a joie de vivre, does this for you if not consciously, at the very least subconsciously. Jean-Jacques

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