“ A Near Dead Soul ” ~ draped in defeat ~

A near dead soul

Bled of iniquity,

Hobbles his way

Draped in defeat,

A façade now surly

Etched on his face,

Burdened with gait

That once held grace,

Who journeys in hell

From wrongful deeds

His mind can’t dispel,

Now sadly bears fate

That mirrors his hate!

ode to death of a friendship

11 thoughts on ““ A Near Dead Soul ” ~ draped in defeat ~

    • Thank you Paulette… He might have once been an exceptional person and friend. But as you say, if only one could let themselves let go, and I might add, not allow negative influence guide their way and actions. Wouldn’t perfection be great… or would it? Jean-Jacques

      • Great point on all counts. First thing comes to mind, is that perfection eventually, me thinks might become wearrysome. Second, hard to accept ok with what is, if one has a hard time to let go, as a pain in the butt perfectionist. Third… too bad about the distance for that cup of something, while the subject is hot on our mind! But who knows what the future holds, and whats to loose, for the soul is only near dead, and we may well get there in time.

        I just love instigators… your kind especially! Jean-Jacques

    • The simple answer to your point, might be that it all depends on what is meant by that something new. The idea of letting go can be large and implicative. Be it replacing, a person, or a place etc may be drastic, but replacing something as in thought, deals with emotions, and that can last a lifetime, so it is more than another thought. Interesting subject, and as an offshoot to the inspiration or motivation of the poem, is an interesting surprise, as you put it… Hmmmm Jean-Jacques

  1. Well Hello

    Gloomy, darker prose in Near Dead Soul.

    The human condition is full of dreary depression: part of the author’s duty is observing even the unpleasantness of existence.

    Bravo to the Bard of Sweets burg for this contribution

    • And well Hello to you friend John Dykeman. How very nice to hear from you as always, along with your well chosen and precisely correct words to express opinion on my latest scribble. Thank you kindly for this John!

      If you should find yourself in need of sampling some Eastern Township Sweetsburg air, in the near immediate or later, I remind you that the pleasure of your visit is always most welcome. So if the feeling tempts you don’t hesitate… you know the way!

      In the meantime, I wish to extend to you and your family, the compliments of the season, and a wonderful New Year! Jean-Jacques

      • Thank you for your gracious offer. May I extend a wonderful and healthy Joyeuses Fêtes to you and your family and friends and may the cold weather find you surrounded by human warmth.

    • Thank you for your kind words. It pleases me no end that you were touche by this poem in particular. It capsulizes in retrospect the story of a long ago very close friend, who sadly lost his way, and whose memory still revisits me now and then, after these many years.

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