“ A Woman’s Mind ” ~ discerns neath the surface ~

There’s a place
In a women’s mind,
Has visual acuity
Which envisions,
The innate grace
Of another’s face,
Neath the surface
Of a ravaged hide,
Discerns axiom’s bide…

‘Tis said her insight
Detects beyond
The fated decline,
As seen thru her eyes
Points to hindsight
That enables obscure,
The scaring havoc
Of life journey’s tour,
Save lives within
Speaks clear of time
Marred by chagrin,
Finds actuate her acuity!

6 thoughts on ““ A Woman’s Mind ” ~ discerns neath the surface ~

    • For all women of the like, of which I’ve no doubt there are surely many, who don’t wear this gift on their sleeve, so to speak. Without further elaboration, I thank you too Paulette! Jean-Jacques

  1. I was reading a little of Gloria Steinem recently and found the particular phase that I thought would bring a smile:

    “Women may be the one group that grows more radical with age.” Gloria Steinem

    • In another life, someone close to me had the pleasure of knowing Gloria. I have always greatly admired her. And yes the particular phrase you refer to did bring a smile, much like the time I heard her respond to a compliment on the day of her fortieth birthday celebration, when someone told her how wonderfully young she looked for her age. With that beautiful smile on her face, saying, Oh my dear, I can take no merit, for that, as it is simply what we are all meant to look like at forty, just living normally. Jean-Jacques

      • Beautiful and gracefully said…
        All the very very best of the holiday season to you and yours. Looking forward to our continued dialogue in 2015!!!

      • Thank you Rebecca, and the best to you and yours also, and I too look forward to our continued dialogue, for they always ever so interesting! Jean-Jacques Fournier

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