“ What Will Hold Sway ” ~ to be rid of hate ~


One ceases wonder

What might hold sway,

On yet reached state

Gone beyond late,

Would set us free

In time be rid of hate,

To not play race

Nor creed or faith,

Means embrace bait,

Preached by man dubious

In a dogmatic place,

In grips now held as bold

Where power so extols,

Man would find to call fate!


ode, to the overpowered by hate,
the world over…


2 thoughts on ““ What Will Hold Sway ” ~ to be rid of hate ~

    • Well, the good news is that you read all my poems, and to say the least, I am duly impressed as well as very touched by your devoted interest. I would be happy to find that there are many more as dedicated as you. Mind you I know for sure of others that have a like interest and then some, by their comments and our exchanges on the subjects at issue. These wonderful people, as yourself, make my dedication to poetry, and its medium as a message platform to contribute my bit to the wrongs and hurt we humans are made to endure or inflict on our fellow beings. It makes my dedication worth the while and thus to press on with my poetry writing addition.

      As to you not always grasping the meaning of some of my work, what can I say? I am very much into art, as in painting, sculpting, and all art forms, and often I find pieces complicated and hard to understand, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. So with that in mind and the hope that I may eventually discover the work’s underlying beauty, I simply persist, or like you suggest pass to something else in the meantime.

      Thanks Diane, I appreciate your candour as much as your interest in my poetry, for whatever reason! Jean-Jacques

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