“ Life ” ~ not at any price ~

Life by any means

Tho not at any price,

Thus seizing hope

To live a slower life,

Time hasn’t yet stole,

Believing we can cope

Years of certain toll,

Life will find extort

As barter for a soul,

If to extend one’s life

And render it near whole!

4 thoughts on ““ Life ” ~ not at any price ~

  1. Well said!! We want a long life, but do not treasure the moments that we have. “to live a slower life.” Ah, that is the best way to give meaning to our existence and to give breadth and depth to living. Wonderful!!!

    • Yes Rebecca, now for finding the wisdom and that magical formula that allows for they who see the light of accepting the joy and pleasure of savouring the taste of truly living life. Thus so akin to savouring a great wine, as in “déguster un grand vin”, or gastronomical meal, “la gastronomie” both of which cannot be rushed to truly appreciate its raison d’être, as in to live a slower life. Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you for that Paulette, and amen for they who follow the word of prophets and their propagators… and bravo for they who see the light on their own, worthy and wise volition! Jean-Jacques Fournier

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