“ Uncertainty ” ~ a state of mind ~

Be reasons fraught
Of matter not forgot,
That perches now
Upon my brow,
Hiding mind’s frown
For it so sought,
To not have caught
Reflections of a sort,
Memory so defined
Meant for abort,
Best left behind
As be points mute,
To image words
Would substitute,
A state be mine
Ceased to give weight,
Upon such thought
Found to provoke,
Beyond the where
Resides no hope,
And self deception
Ignores one heed,
Life breathes uncertainty!

6 thoughts on ““ Uncertainty ” ~ a state of mind ~

  1. I felt goosebumps at the last “Life breathes uncertainty.” Humanity craves certainty but finds purpose when faced with uncertainty. Well said, my dear friend.

    • Thank you Rebecca… As you say we humans seek certainty, and I suppose for the unimportant issues it is an incidental child’s game. But not so where it really counts, having humans as the players, and the many doubtful elements to which we have no control. Can we for example assure each other unconditionally that 3 days, or 3 months from now, we will be on this planet to discuss this matter again. All we can do, with uncertainty, is find purpose to hope. Sorry to be the cause of goosebumps, as I wish nothing but smooth sailing for you, dear friend. Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you my dear, and agreed… Uncertainty, is paradoxically the one thing of which we can be certain. I suppose we could even say uncertainty, in a convoluted way is rather reassuring. Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you, and yes, so true, not knowing is so to speak that spice of life that makes uncertainty exciting. However awareness of it, can make the difference between anguish and excitement, the latter more in keeping with you’re imaging. Thanks again for the encouraging compliment! Jean-Jacques

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