“ Starting Again ” ~ in congress with time ~

Starting again,
Ever more passionate
For wiser than then,
And sure to have grown
In congress with time,
As now understand
What perils be mine,
No matter the round
And levels that bind,
Or whatever the risks
I reach to embrace
Then bear and grin,
And hold to the pace
Without giving in,
So clear of mind
Find venture of worth,
Nourish the design
That begs start again!

4 thoughts on ““ Starting Again ” ~ in congress with time ~

    • Thank you again Rebecca… You already know those words do not reflect my first start again. It is though a reflection of the last and most recent, and if time and conditions permit, it will not be the last, but it will be again with my Marianne as it was for the last two. Even just the thought of it feels exhilarating! Jean-Jacques

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