“ In Time ” ~ a timeless pit ~

Where do I find,
Hopeful in time,
That gentle face
Lost to my mind,
Forces me look
In wonted place,
Tho I now dread
Be uncaring gods
Of darkness spent,
Who feed in hell
Their fickle bent,
Want but inflict
Disordered spells
Held pitiless fit,
Would demean fate
Of ones mental state,
Living in a timeless pit!

10 thoughts on ““ In Time ” ~ a timeless pit ~

    • Thank you Paulette… Me thinks at times I think too much, about what I see around me. Consequently the emotions to which you refer sort of overpower, to the point of plucking words out of my mind to express the images that wants or feel a need be told. Hopefully the bit abstract, is in a way sufficient as to accommodate per se, more than one gentle face. Jean-Jacques

  1. What came through to me is “that gentle face.” Without the companionship of kindred spirits, it would indeed be a difficult journey. Our world is lit by the care and compassion of those around us. Thank you, for being a light that shines in dark places… 🙂

    • You have a poetic way of describing your reaction, to my way of expressing what I observe, feel or envision thru my poems. So much so that it is near tempting to poach, so as to use it as the basis for another poem, i.e. your line of “being a light that shines in dark places”. However I am an honest person, and want to remain true to my poetry passion. Being married to an Intellectual Property Lawyer, greatly assists in keeping me, honest and true to my poetry passion. Thank you dear friend for your kind and beautiful words. Jean-Jacques

      • We are very very fotunate to have people who keep us focused. I think that there is a similar line in JRR Tolkien’s writings. Light in the dark is powerful! I think that is why I like the symbolism in lighthouses! 🙂

      • What a great example, the “symbolism in lighthouses”, and what a beautiful picture. Though modern technology has replaced their original purpose, their sculpted beauty remains, as well as to keep on sending a signal, even if only symbolically lighting our way.

        Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Peut importe premier ou dernier degré…the word pit in the context of this poem, is done so as a metaphor. One is meant to imagine the individual’s state of mind and the darkness of such a condition. And if you question the use of darkness, once again it is used metaphorically.

      The advantage of poetry, especially modern or contemporary poetry, is the liberty of allowing the reader to see beyond the limits of preconceived academic formal language borders. Much like an abstract painting as opposed to representational art. I do hope this answers your question.


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