“ The Dark Side ” ~ of man ~

Of man we hoped
While we ignored,
The dark side
Of this being,
Thus would suffer
His betrayal,
Whilst he misused
Our naïve trust,
Hence so bestowed
He’d fail be worthy,
Held higher mortal…

Granitic he levels neath
The surface of intent,
An immoral creature
Of life form pitiable,
That but abuses
The innocent beguiled,
Fellow mortals
Who for the while
Find this being,
A peerless creature
Chosen to elect as leader,
To blindly go on trusting!

3 thoughts on ““ The Dark Side ” ~ of man ~

  1. Someone once asked me if I believed in people. I said “yes, I did,” But the question of trust, as you suggest, is not so easily answered. Humanity has an enormous capacity for compassion, yet there is a dark side that is difficult to understand.

    • What concerns me are the never ending elusions that are dressed up to be made look believable, by they to whom we give our trust, electing them to manage our affairs, for which they are more than well rewarded to honestly serve us, we their benefactors. Yet they have managed to turn that around, and in the stead of what was supposed to have been created for the people and by the people, as a so called democratic system, we have become the server/servants to our elected members who are in reality our employees. For this privilege we must pay, including their monstrous errors, mismanagement, abuses, cheating, lies, you name it, from the top man down, all of which in the private sector, they would be sacked and or put behind bars. That has to be enough to paint them dark. Is it any wonder we have become, to say the least blasé, cynical, disgusted, sufficiently to no longer trust, having been subjected to the same old same old, all these many, many years, and now worst than ever, with the present faction in power trying to bring us back to the oppressive centuries of the past. Jean-Jacques

      • We live in difficult times. What was it that Friedrich Neitzsche one said: “Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the proess he does not become a monster. And if you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.” People who assume political power to do “good things” must be ever vigilent that they keep faith with the people who elected them. Always enjoy our conversations. Thank you! 🙂

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