“ The Crow ” ~ that was ~

I am the crow

That was before,

Now made to go

For a last chore,

To find the place

Where I’m to lie,

As will old crows

When time to die,

The while remember

I am the crow,

Who with its caw

Be crow you saw,

Meant let you know

Hunger weren’t lore

Nor presence to ignore,

Tho now be just a crow

That is alas no more!

3 thoughts on ““ The Crow ” ~ that was ~

  1. I love crows – they have a dignified strut that I enjoy watching. I have read that they possess an exceptional intelligence. I have often wondered if we are the most advanced creature to inhabit our world.

    • We surely have this in common, as I think they crows surprisingly wise and intelligent. I too had often wondered about we being the most advanced. However I’ve long since stopped wondering, for until we find to change the present systems that manage our way of life, we will never go beyond the limits that we allow be imposed on our societies. Jean-Jacques

      • Very true…the most important thing is to respect and honour the creatures that share our world. Somewhere along the way, humanity decided that we have greater value.

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