“ Disposition ” ~ in want of serene stay ~

Weighing ever so

Has me suffer choke,

With a disposition

Liken to a yoke,

Refusing to give way

While effort I restrain

A temperamental sway,

Begs I plead not in vain

That I may have a say,

In want of serene stay!

6 thoughts on ““ Disposition ” ~ in want of serene stay ~

  1. Ah, serenity!!! That blissful state of being calm and tranquil while the world whirls by in dramatic crescendo. Here is the interesting part that I have often wondered about – if we want to achieve serenity, why do we always look for something to evoke excitement, even drama!. I especially identify with these words…

    “While effort I restrain
    A temperamental sway”

    • Hi Rebecca…! I’ve just came back from an exciting trip to France and Italy, with my better half. Excellent question…About excitement, I suppose we might consider, for one, the passive excitement that is achieved in reciprocal love for each other, full time as well as while travelling. As to drama, I suppose I’ve had my share over the years, mostly in the role of the naive and inexperienced participant. In that regard life has taught me that drama is much more enjoyable as a spectator. Alas as to serenity, one can but hope that with a bit of wisdom and determination, we will achieve so in life, rather than having to wait for that last breath. Personally I think I may now be close to serenity, without having to give up the pleasure of excitement, that magic that confirms one is alive! Jean-Jacques

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