“ The Sun ” ~ we’d thought forever ~

Why did man ignore

The decomposing shield,

Earth’s ozone door

From which behind

The sun inclines,

Till given chance

Will cook your mind,

And with more time

He’ll have you fried…

Where are the keepers

Of once perfect earth,

Deaf to despairing cries

For a world built on lies,

Conceived by profiteers

Forcing us to hide,

In shades of emptiness,

Soon to live in shadows

Too close to dark’s abyss,

Where man has lost face

And mankind has no place!

5 thoughts on ““ The Sun ” ~ we’d thought forever ~

    • Thank you Paulette! This late in the eventual consciousness of mankind, and the voice of science finally forced to be heard, one can only rationalize and surmise that man ignored, primarily because of ignorance, combined with their political mañana habitual attitude, and to a certain extent greed of these elected parties, responsible so called officials of world societies. Jean-Jacques

    • My way and two cents worth of expressing the need for man to wake-up beyond words, if our future generations are also to have a chance to live on this planet. Jean-Jacques

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