“ Searching ” ~ for the real you ~

You’ve lived so far

Being who you are,

Enjoyed the road

That life bestowed,

So why pursue

A search in vain,

That may not reach

To cause explain,

Holds you’ll discover

Where bides the other,

More real than be you!

4 thoughts on ““ Searching ” ~ for the real you ~

  1. Well said. I think that the privilege our our lifetime is to be able to be who we are. Take it from Salvador Dali:

    “Each morning when I awake, I experience again a supreme pleasure: that of being Salvador Dali.”

    • One can get too carried away with a bent on perfection, so much so they loose sight of what really counts, and what they actually accomplished. As to the great Salvador Dali, with his supreme sense of humour and magnificent talent, a wonderful example to awake so, though somewhat made easy waking up to a history of such accomplishments. Thanks Rebecca for the Dali quote, one of my all time favourite artists… Jean-Jacques

    • I’m sure there aren’t many sensitive people who have not experienced the kind of doubt that has them questioning their reality, at one time or another. We are a club of substantial, silent membership, dear Paulette. Jean-Jacques

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