“ Indifference ” ~ they’ll ne’er admit ~

They’re indifferent

To maladroit

And sad misfits,

They who torment

Though ne’er admit

The malice they inflict,

In a so beguiling way

They’re bothered not a lick,

To exercise their pitiless wit!

4 thoughts on ““ Indifference ” ~ they’ll ne’er admit ~

    • Prevalent so as to be constantly be reminded that man is sadly far from perfect, and thankful that there is another side to coin, so to speak! Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Personally, I’ve never been able to rationalize, or get my head around to that kind of mentality. Nor sadly do I expect man in general, among all living creatures, to be considered as a human being, will ever be able to abandon his capacity for being so inhuman, with his own and all other fellow creatures. Jean-Jacques

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