“ Memory ” ~ of a memory ~

Memory, ah memory

Now cause for woes,

Has turned tormentor

And wretched close,

Alludes suffers bleak

This recall once bold,

As mentor grows weak

While in vain I yet seek

Tho memory goes cold…

Now who’ll replace

This recollect trace,

That I may survive

The far reaching void,

And reason with time

Holds sane my mind,

Though the memory

Of memory once mine,

May well ever be gone!

10 thoughts on ““ Memory ” ~ of a memory ~

  1. How serendipitous! I was just thinking about memories today in relationship to how we embrace or accept them. We all have the fear (especially as we age) that these memories may one day be taken away without notice. Your words are a gentle reminder to me that we need to live every day, cherish the moments now, enjoy our memories.

    • Fortunately we can’t tell the future, at least as far as I and most people know, so we can live with the hope that with any luck we may have a memory long enough to last our lifetime. The caveat being that we maintain a well nourished brain, that by extension keeps ones memory active and alive throughout. Jean-Jacques

      • That is a huge caveat – one that I think we all need to consider carefully. Memory is a delicate thing. We assume that we will be the ones to escape the loss of memory. It gives meaning to being thankful for what we take so much for granted: our ability to think, to reason, to communicate, to laugh, to speak. Thank you for your wonderful words…

      • Yes, Rebecca, it is huge but like they say, ‘ healthy body, healthy mind’ thus by extension suggestive of nourishing both body and mind. Jean-Jacques

  2. Very well said on this day when memories haunt the U.S. in reflecting back to 2001. So much hatred is brought to mind but your words here are extremely soothing. A loving voice, even in accurate reflection, changes the energy in the world. Glad to call you my friend.

    • The feeling is mutual my dear friend Paulette… Sadly that memory we desperately want to keep alive, to remember the good and worthy imposes a price to pay, that of keeping the bad and painful in the shadows and also alive. Thus to remind us of the imperfections of man who creates the hatred, which we unfortunately can’t seem to eliminate. With love being so much more enjoyable, and rewarding, one would think it to be and easy alternate choice. Jean-Jacques

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