“ Bonds We Groom ” ~ yet fail find mend ~

I incline to contend

The gods so intend

We’d endure assume,

There’d be an end

To bonds we groom,

With they in whom

Such love might lend,

Live beyond affability

Yet fail we find mend

With true held friend,

Gesture furthermore

With inanimate look,

In lieu of bid to restore!

4 thoughts on ““ Bonds We Groom ” ~ yet fail find mend ~

    • Good point, good question. As I saw it, prior to and while considering the subject of human and life bonds. I reasoned three scenarios; one as you suggest of change that makes it appear so, as in fate and circumstance… two being irreconcilable differences possibly doomed before it got started, and last that of fate again, this time dictating our inevitable destiny, death.

      Thanks Paulette, Jean-Jacques

  1. The idea of friendship carries so many variations of a profound theme that links us, both to the past and present. Of one thing I am certain, in the end all that really matters is the friendships that we have made over the course of a lifetime. I have given much thought to memories these last few months. Friendship endures because of the memories that have been given to us. It is a reminder to live in a way that the memories we create will give comfort and hope to those who come after us…

    • Beautiful… Rebecca, How rewarding that ones expressing on a subject decidedly indicative of the human factor that links beings with positive intention, should be cause for your most eloquent commentary reaction. Thank you dear friend! Jean-Jacques

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