“ Words ” ~ wanting to be heard ~

Relentlessly I seek

A gathering of words,

Starting at the peak

In a harmonious wake,

To provoke mind

Reason to shape,

A pictural define

Musing means to word,

A render, wanting to be heard!

11 thoughts on ““ Words ” ~ wanting to be heard ~

    • Thank you Marina, and yes playfully up to a point. Otherwise, relentlessly I seek to put words together that will express poetically what I see, hear and feel. And that dear lady simply confirms what consciously and subconsciously goes on in my person, and life unendingly.


      • Yes, my dear friend. In my very poor English, ‘playful’ was meant more in the context of challenging yourself through words, a metaphorical wink to a …relentless art that is poetry! 🙂

      • Not at all my dear Marina, your English is excellent, for you’re reading of my expression was and is most accurate . It was my reply that was poorly worded for which I apologize. I was touched by you’re reply, and making a point of emphasizing a larger aspect of what I intended to project thru this writing was incorrect on my part. You were right to make the point, and I thank you for it. Jean-Jacques

      • This could go on and on but you have absolutely nothing to apologize – I understood what you were saying, I just wished to clarify my bad [I insist!] English. Not being my native language I always have a feeling I may not convey my thoughts ‘properly’! Thank you for your kindness.

  1. This may be a little off topic, but your words, “A pictural define, Musing means to word.” resonated with me. I am finding that we are using photos, pictures and art to convey complex ideas. We live in a world that has many messages, all waiting to be heard. I often wonder – who is listening…

    • Good thought Rebecca! Well, what can I say… who is listening, and who is reading, with all of which we are constantly bombarded, making all that is worthy ever harder to ferret out from the rest of high volume push to be heard. If the message is worthy, and we reach one respected person who passes it on, the effort will have been worthwhile.

      To this I add that I am most fortunate and obviously pleased, that my humble words were heard, as in read by you, and a few others of you’re respectable ilk, of which I am aware, were and are listening again as in reading. Thank you for doing so my friend. You and they who do are food for thought and writing for we scribblers of my modest ilk. Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you kindly for your generous words, and know that the feeling is mutual, as I have loved that mind of yours, since first sight, that brings us the unique magic you choose to share. Jean-Jacques

    • Thank you for your generous encouraging words.My missing photo link of creative talent and imagination is back, and now life is good and as it should be Jean-Jacques

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