“ I Am The Crow ” ~ in a grave dark world ~


I am the crow

In a grave

Dark world,

A soul in plight

Black as night,

Forced to soar

In a dying light,

On weary wings

And failing sight,

Yet made suffer

Endless flights,

Looking for path

To freedom I seek,

While agony looms

In this wasting meek,

Who’ll suffer hell

Or fly with the devil

For a ray of light,

That shows the way

To end this journey 

In the dead of night!



8 thoughts on ““ I Am The Crow ” ~ in a grave dark world ~

    • Thank you so much. I have always found crows interesting, and often wonder how they are able to survive our treacherous winters, especially when it dips to 40 plus below zero in our horrendous storms. We throw food out for them, and they will dig in the snow to cart it out to their reserves hiding places. Jean-Jacques

    • Merci Diane… Yes indeed dark, as are the crows. They because of nature’s colouring, and my interpretation of imaging brother crow as being so, is because of imagining to see his plight thru the eyes and mind of Edgar Allan Poe, a very favourite author of mine. Jean-Jacques

  1. I love crows!!! They seem to be little people dressed in formal attire, strutting and cawing. They accompany me on my walk along the Vancouver Seawall. I did a little research and found that there are many species. They are smart, show emotion and have excellent memories. Mating crows stay together for years, even until they are parted at death.

    • As do I love crows, and my Marianne who feeds them in our gardens year round, and when not on time caw out their insistent reminders. I’ve written many times about them in the past, as they are a constant source natures wonders.

      As a member of the crow families, you my recall Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Raven” and Mordecai Richler’s “Solomon Gursky Was Here”, two of my preferred authors.


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