“ Taking Leave ” ~ on autumn’s eve ~


Wouldst take my leave

On autumn’s eve,

When hue of winter

Finds fall perceives,

Fashion a whisper

Of winter’s weave,

Will have us surrender

To the pallor it conceives!

                                                         ode to a passing summer


6 thoughts on ““ Taking Leave ” ~ on autumn’s eve ~

    • Thanks again my friend… it’s that time when I start to feel summer fast slipping away that I become so acutely aware of the seasons. The white one follows, by the way. Also I echo your wishes of many more seasons and a good weekend to you and Terry. Jean-Jacques

  1. Lovely! Fashion a whisper of winter’s weave…beautiful definition. I wish I came up with those words. You are so inspiring, my friend…Thank you.

    • You do come up with those words, in your own words, that of the language of your imaging creative stories, picture perfect. Your work is the epitome of the saying of “a picture is worth a thousand words! Jean-Jacques

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