4 thoughts on ““ Astray ” ~ in pro tem way ~

  1. So interesting that you use “pro tem.” This last Monday my Terry sat on the bench as a pro tem judge in the Ventura Courthouse. That word has been in our minds last couple weeks. Here it is again. It’s really so true of life in general, we’re none of us permanent, rather only her temporarily.

    • Though we are well established as being on the same wave length, it is irresistible for me to mention… on your temporarily reference, the point I was making in Every Season, when I said we were unlike the seasons, and thus so the more so evident for me as time seems to be passing at an ever increasing speed.

      As to the term pro tem, more evidence that we are ever so connected and on that same wave length. A happy situation for me indeed! Jean-Jacques

      • Thank you. This is/has been really beautifully evident in your poems. I am aware of this almost daily, when I wake up and it’s Wednesday already and what happened to the last weekend that I was looking forward to. This very fleeting and precious moment is taking jet speed flight. Grateful that our paths have crossed.

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