“ A Woman’s Mind ” ~ discerns neath the surface ~


There’s a place

In a women’s mind,

Bides visual acuity

Which envisages,

The innate grace

Of another’s face,

Neath the surface

Of a ravaged hide,

A setting for senescence…


It’s said her acuteness

Detects outside,

The blurry measure

Of fated declivity,

Glimpsed thru eyes

Capable of obscuring,

The scaring havocs

Of life’s journey,

Save what lives within

Speaks beyond time

Marred by chagrin,

Actuates her visual acuity!


6 thoughts on ““ A Woman’s Mind ” ~ discerns neath the surface ~

    • I had imagined or rather believed all woman being favoured with this characteristic, a distinguishing quality not prevalent in the male. At the very least at one point in their life, most if not all women so achieve this beautiful plateau, and of this I have no doubt. There may be some men that advanced, but I have no evidence of this to make the same claim. Jean-Jacques

      • A powerful statement to the feminine. Reminds me of Riane Isler’s, “The Chalice and the Blade.” I do know some men with a strong feminine side that do display this. I’m very lucky in that respect. Happy weekend to you and Marianne and the furballs.

      • I stand corrected as does my memory. As a matter of fact I did meet a man who had such attribute, years ago and coincidentally when I lived in California. Jean-Jacques

  1. How well defined. I think of my mother, my grandmothers – their lives were not easy, yet there was a gentle understanding of what was needed, whether a word, a cup of tea or soup. And they were also there to listen and encourage.

    • Thank you dear Rebecca! Something else we have in common, in as much as mother, at age 34 became our parents, friend, confidant, provider, educator etc, with all the struggles and positive elements of a woman’s mind, and then some, I refer to in this poem. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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