“ A Worried Mind ” ~ despite ample tries ~

I haven’t time
For worried mind,
Nor am the type
To fuss about,
With niggling tripe
Gives in to doubt,
As would the sort
Just lets tarry
To state of dread,
Instead abort
Before you’re led,
Where devil bids
To worry your head…

Hence concern not
On things a pity,
One exercised
To pass the buck
Of responsibility,
Who’d but surmise
You’d find no cause,
To scrutinize
Anxiety’s worry,
Despite ample tries
Save trying wise,
Shun a worried mind!

– ode to whom ideate –

4 thoughts on ““ A Worried Mind ” ~ despite ample tries ~

  1. It’s good to see/read you aren’t the fussing type. But then that’s no surprise being a receiver of your words, energy, and spirit which speak to beholding what’s important, especially as the days grow shorter. Life’s way too short. Happy weekend to your and yours, furry always included. 🙂

    • You read me well my dear Paulette, and yes life is way too short, with time depleting at an ever increasing speed, that one tends to get impatient, more and more often unwarrantably so, with unnecessary fussing and worry. When time starts to move that fast, cantankerous I believe becomes within reason a tolerated state. And a happy weekend to you and yours too, naturally including your four legged gang. Jean-Jacques Fournier

  2. I love this!!!!! 🙂 I don’t have time for a worried mind either, but I must confess, I do have a tendency to be a worrier. This is my reminder “the shun a worried mind.”

    • Don’t we all have that tendency, when the possibility of our mapped out world may be threatened. My point is to shake loose, because the more it changes, the more it remains the same. So my message is to save worries for things we can control, of which there few. and ease up on those you can’t. Jean-Jacques

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