“ Wanting To Know ” ~ all that I should ~


I wanted to know

All I ought sow

Witless I could,

Said thus to grow

As I hence would,

Mentally held so

From a first step,

To fractured words

Not yet understood,

In retrospect

Held become clear,

Though I await

The while I fear,

Awaited wisdom

Trusted appear,

Vacates my recall

From coveted keep,

Be prized most of all…


Alas where to go

From so long ago,

Attempt find whom

Had gotten to know,

Or who might tell

Not long yet gone,

Tho likely in hell

As I may as well,

Try wanting to know,

Now all that I should!


5 thoughts on ““ Wanting To Know ” ~ all that I should ~

    • Laugh is good Paulette… the best. But stress is something that happens to the overly intelligent, which I can but hope to attain, so therefore not really my problem.

      As to “tho likely in hell” results in the writing and thinking ahead to bring closure to the dilemma of my story, and the secret it holds, where I reasoned that had they not been in hell, the they I refer to might have found to help me remember. Thus without the answers becomes a kind of hell, of course metaphorically speaking. But don’t let my thinking influence your own interpretation, because hell as a stress release is good.


  1. We are a curious lot, are we not? The need to know is deeply ingrained in humanity. And yet, there is a certain amount of confusion is our search to know everything. A great conversation.

    • When we stop being who we are, said human, curious and searching by our very nature, we may eventually become humane, more so than metaphorically speaking. Yes, yes there are some exceptions in our world, but far too few to make a difference. Jean-Jacques

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