“ Looking ” ~ for quiescent fit ~


Here I sit

Musing still,

In a place

That resembles

A dark pit,

Inside my mind

A state of unlit,

Wants thought denied

If only for a bit…


Oh what a rest

This would be,

If I should find

Bide in quiescent fit!

                                              ode to a friend in need of time  



17 thoughts on ““ Looking ” ~ for quiescent fit ~

      • Oh, believe me, I know…just didn’t want to give it away on your blog site…(and now, your lovely poem is accompanying me on a regular basis on my computer’s screen)

      • Thank you for your thoughtful discretion Hülya. Most considerate. I do however consider it an honour to be inspired so by and for a friend, and accordingly to express my pleasure of this experience. I am also flattered that you should find to place it so. As to giving it away, I’ve now few secrets worth remembering, and those that were have long since been buried in many of my poems, or will be if and when they should come to mind, and be worthy of new scribbles. Jean-Jacques

      • I, for one, will be waiting with anticipation for few more secrets to come to surface but also for new ones to emerge before my eyes. Your friend who admires your poetry, your words at large as well as your thoughts.

      • I am presently working on book # 11, which will reduce the time available for new , as you called it secrets, to surface into poems. But thought in poetic form will in any event continue, from time to time, as this I cannot stop as long as I breathe. Jean-Jacques

      • “Every secret of a writer’s soul, every experience of his life, every quality of his mind, is written large in his works.”
        —Virginia Woolf

        And I am as excited as a little girl holding her first book before opening the very first page…

      • A tall order to live up to indeed… may the gods of positivity be in a favouring frame of mind, when you put Virginia Woolfe’s words to the test on my humble works. Jean-Jacques

      • …just to let you know, dear friend: a copy of your # 10 should be arriving in my hands very soon…I had ordered it immediately after our talk about my question. Thank you! (You are modest to the extreme, if I may add to your comment…)

      • What wonderful news my dear Hülya. I am thrilled that you will now have one of my books in your possession. I can only hope that you will find it to your liking, and that some of the work will find common ground and a place of positive and worthy feelings. I look forward to hearing from you, as always ! Jean-Jacques

      • And I already look forward to reading my first in order to gather more of your poetry to my possession. Believe me, dear Jean-Jacques, when I say, I surely “will find it to [my] liking” and if you wonder as to how I know: I have been reading your poems for quite some time. I also look forward to hearing from you, as always. Be well, dear friend.

      • I am indeed more than quite touched by the level of your interest, and ever so beholden for such kindly encouragement. I shall be forever grateful for this chance encounter with Hülya Yilmaz, and consequently thru my scribbles, this wonderful and rather special friendship which has now come to life.

        À très bientôt, chère ami! Jean-Jacques

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