“ In the Lurch ” ~ sitting on a perch ~


They’ve left us

In the lurch,

Sitting on a perch

Lost and unaware

We who were alert,

Once of human trait

Fashioned so to care,

Said analogous of  gait

Now beings in despair

On this planet earth,

When man paid a visit

He bled it dry of worth,

Utterly indifferent

Of once fertile play,

A likened spent search

Holds sanity in wait,

While sitting on a perch!

                                                        a consequence of indifference


7 thoughts on ““ In the Lurch ” ~ sitting on a perch ~

    • When I wrote this piece yesterday, I was still trying to digest another of our elected present Government of Canada’s, manner of preforming their masterful budget cuts affecting arts and culture, discouraging young artists and brilliant artists and journalists through prematurely ending contributory careers. This while spending $33,000,000. on a military band parade.

      Painful to read, and painful to live to say the least, what man does to his fellowman as my poem is meant to express,. I believe our Prime Minister and his band of forward thinking yes men are under the impression that culture is something that is found in yogurt.

      As you commented so succinctly, forlorn says it all.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

      • There can be little doubt in your assumption, nor can there be doubt as to the wasteful management of our tax dollars causing these budget cuts. The doubt and insult to our intelligence came when our elected representatives put people out of work and discourage creativity the while spending $33,000,000. on a military marching band. Need I say more, than of our present government’s concept of culture, not exceeding what they find in yogourt! JJ

    • Thank you Rebecca… Every reaction against this kind of government’s thoughtless regard for our creative and talented, speaks loudly about our backward thinking so called servants of the public, and their failure to recognize the harm they do to the future of this country’s growth. Jean-Jacques

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