“ Wouldn’t It Be ” ~ wonderful ~


Wouldn’t it be


Should we abide

To opt on side,

That feelings be

Reason decides,

Not self-absorbed

Fate may devise

Or tend both sides,

Yet rid of over drive

Thus so guided,

To fix on wouldn’t be

Naught, if not but wonderful!




5 thoughts on ““ Wouldn’t It Be ” ~ wonderful ~

    • Thanks Rebecca… just a little wishful thinking as I watch what goes on around us, having all the elements to do it right, yet can’t find the ones to make right happen. Minister of Justice asinine Mackay about woman judges, along with Harper and his tainted petrol lawyers appointments for federal judges, prime examples… How do we cure this terminal illness, so that our world can be what it can be?… Wouldn’t it be wonderful ! Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Rare yes, too true, but wishful thinking, at times allows one to see the world in a positive light, if only to relieve the inevitable frustration of reality, since rose coloured glasses has such a short term effect .


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