“ The Darkness ” ~ of a last day’s end ~


I’m loth to admit

Taking the bate,

With cavalier pith

A covenant toll,

Grasping too late

Bargained my soul,

To impossible state

Of a life said forever…


For signs of fade

Sees evince of worn,

And moreover frayed

Held so the norm,

As our ultimate fate

Wants we cease exist…


Hence to inhabit

Said allusive place,

Decreed by the way

Of an eternal face,

Assigns man bend

Thus to the darkness,

Of a last day’s end!


12 thoughts on ““ The Darkness ” ~ of a last day’s end ~

  1. I missed indulging myself in your unique words of eloquence and deep thought, dear Jean-Jacques. Matters have been rather time-consuming and I now am deprived of one of my most favorite visits…Thank you for sharing your insight into what poetry always meant to me and continues to be so.

    • Ah… my very dear Hülya, how truly nice to hear from you! I too have missed you and your visits. That you are such a busy lady, I’ve no doubt, but that you come by, when you can in spite of it, speaking of the meaning my words bring to you is indeed a privilege I cherish, and accordingly am most touched.

      À bientôt, chère Hülya…

      • Please don’t conceive me to be overstating my sentiments, when I say the pleasure is truly mine during my visits (most quietly done…) to your words. They are kept in a special place for me to resort to them anytime life takes a life of its own…and you would understand how I mean this seemingly redundant statement. Thank you for returning to gift me with your presence yet once again. Sevgilerimle, hülya

      • Reality takes nothing for granted, at least in the true sense of its intention. I’m happy to be there, for the sake of being there, just because it feels right !


    • Thank you Paulette… was just looking at the reality of the other side of so enjoying life in this present joyous phase, yet conscious of the imperfections of perfection that is part of the whole!


  2. Isn’t it interesting how we “bargain” away our lives. The seemingly little things that we think won’t matter, really DO matter. When combined they become our life.

    “Thus to the darkness,
    Of a last day’s end!”

    • True… sometimes stupidly, others unconsciously, but regardless of one’s ability to resurface or not from bad choices, to hopefully get some of life right, how much will the bad choices count when that darkness gets close? Thanks for your input which opened another avenue to the poems initial premiss of someone’s parting thought. Jean-Jacques

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