” Kaleidoscope ” ~ musings of life chronicles ~

New Book… of Poetry on a canapé, by Jean-Jacques Fournier.
 This is to announce the publication of my 10th book of poems.

product_thumbnail Kaleidoscope ~ musings of life chronicles ~

a Poetry on a Canapé book, new publication.

10th Book of poems, for further details, click here


10 thoughts on “” Kaleidoscope ” ~ musings of life chronicles ~

  1. I just received my copy in the mail and was deeply moved and humbled with the dedication. I am among beautiful company: the author JJ, the artist cover designer Mariann, another lovely blogger friend Rebecca, all who inspire me beyond poetic description.

    This is a beautiful book of poetry, a piece of art.

    Love to you all,
    Paulette & Terry

    • Thank you again Paulette, on behalf of both Marianne and I, for the kind words of appreciation. You are indeed pleasingly true to form, and a pleasure for that, which allowed me the privilege to discover Paulette, to a certain extent thru your book, your comments on my work, and our correspondence. Most encouraging!


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