“ Years Moreover ” ~ and the sum of them ~


I sought living

Years the more,

Of them the sum

Secures encore,

For score or two

Not ne’er enough,

A pardon due

Leads me to plead,

Not waive the stuff

Of years one lived,

Chance be my best

Of time life gives,

When soon to rest

Hold years ahead,

Not played as test

For idling dead,

When all ‘tis left

Means but to pass

Expressly fast,

Begs added score

To get it right

Before the dark,

Be my eternal night!


5 thoughts on ““ Years Moreover ” ~ and the sum of them ~

  1. “I sought living.” I think that is the essence/purpose of why we are here. So many times we are afraid to “really” live and accept a mediocre existence. We are meant to live boldly, fearlessly. To me that is what we are “seeking” and striving for – to give light within the time that we live, to share joy, sorrow, hope, compassion. Another wonderful post!

    • Thank you Rebecca. your kind of analytical responses the work are a banquet by which we scribblers are made feel worthy of persevering. More to the point, important feed for ever hungry poets. Thank you again dear friend. Jean-Jacques

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