“ A Tear ” ~ too many ~


I’ve caused a tear

Or two, too many,

Thru all the years

Or most of every,

Admittedly clear

Be short of reason,

Thus sorry pleas

Not worth a penny

Nor a dime,

Save every time

There be sadness

Sure to follow,

Mostly mine!


8 thoughts on ““ A Tear ” ~ too many ~

    • To say the least that is quite a stretch, though indeed most welcomed. For who am I to repudiate such an accolade, so chosen to elevate my soulful feelings, on the subject of tears so often induced unwillingly, sadly realizing so to late and after the fact. Thank you for such touching praise. Jean-Jacques

  1. It is good to be back, connected. Computer is up and running and now I have the enjoyment of catching up on all of your wonderful posts. This past week, I was reminded that we are linked by thoughts, words and action. If one suffers, we all suffer. It seems to be an axiom. I remember those times when I have caused a tear, and I regret those moments, even though I have long been forgiven. It is easier to forgive others than ourselves.

    • We’ve all had a turn at causing tears, and for the most part basically kind people hurt more than they who are the but of the issue. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we were perfect, but surely quite boring I assume. Jean-Jacques

      • Absolutely… and you strive to move on because in your subconscious mind you know to do so is to be alive to realize being so is not perfect and therefore human, warts and all.

        Happy Saturday! Jean-Jacques

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