“ The Wind ” ~ that whispers ~


Listen to the wind,

Softly whisper

Its chagrin,

Anxious tales

Harbouring sins

Of men for sale,

Who wile us in,

Won’t hesitate

On but a whim

To devastate,

Hid in the whispers

Of an angry wind…


Thus as wind wails

In mock reply,

A sadly echo

Of tortured cry,

Tells be destined

Meant soon to die,

While a final whisper

Be the wind’s good-bye!


10 thoughts on ““ The Wind ” ~ that whispers ~

  1. Beau poème dont la lecture me rappelle le survol majestueux d’un couple de faucons pèlerin au dessus du jardin, ce jour. Espèce en voie de disparition, grâce à l’homme …encore lui….et au gaz DDT !

    Enfin, il me fait penser aux derniers vers de l’Albatros de Baudelaire: “Le Poète est semblable au prince des nuées
    Qui hante la tempête et se rit de l’archer;
    Exilé sur le sol au milieu des huées,
    Ses ailes de géant l’empêchent de marcher.”

    • I pray, in the generic sense that is, that you are not referring to the words of the poem, but rather to man’s greed and his sad priorities which places the almighty dollar ahead of the diminishing helpless creatures of this world, being eliminated with dying soil, air and water.

      However referencing my poem as an inspiration that reminds of anything Baudelaire, I’m sure more than compensates for any possible doubt or misunderstanding.


  2. Men for sale does say it, doesn’t it? Seems that’s the biggest crime of all, at what price does one’s soul get bought? And, to what cost to all the rest of us? What is the hero, who soars with ethical presence to rule the masses? Does he/she even exist?

      • They who will be left on this planet, when we the prior generation have gone beyond the point of no return, to save our world, will hear the blame being put on the shoulders of today’s responsible leaders and power mongers.

        The blame for having caused the earth’s demise by their doing next to nothing now, and postponing the obvious necessary to survive down the line. Jean-Jacques Fournier

    • Yes dear friend… that is our cursed dilemma, someone with enough strength and ethical presence. As you say, does she or he with that combination even exist? I who is the ultimate optimist, must deal with the irreconcilable quandary of pessimism, when it comes to second nature bold face lying in the political arena, the eventual puppets of the self-serving world power individuals, said to be human. Jean-Jacques

      • I hope we live long enough to see another international hero arise. Then we can collectively celebrate our shared optimism. I as well hold an optimistic heart because I see the fundamental goodness in humankind and all the every day heroes who rise to occasions to help. Now to find that one person who will not be corrupted by power and money. I am with you that they do exist. The fundamental question is will they be corrupted by the spotlight?

      • What a beautiful dream, one I have had since I was old enough to be witness to that Classical Greek word “polis”, the politician, being a person who is involved in influencing public policy and decision making. As the ultimate optimist, I like you my friend will continue to hope, though it may be in vain, I will persist, I will hope!


    • Right you are… it really isn’t easy to listen with all the distractions, not to mention the the preoccupations of trying to survive in this world of diminishing access for the purpose of staying alive. Purpose, as in methods of supporting ourselves and they in our care, being replaced by our fellow beings in the guise of electronic gadgets. Ah… progress! Jean-Jacques

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