“ A Mask ” ~ for my mind ~


Be no place


One can hide,

When locked

In the eye,

Of a brother

Said big,

Cyber spy

To follow

We fellows,

Begs time

Knit façade,

Held a Mask

For my mind…


Fit disguise

Will so bide,

Gist of me

To stay free,


Need not flee

As privacy be,

Mine decides

I stand free!



7 thoughts on ““ A Mask ” ~ for my mind ~

    • True enough Rebecca, depending on how important free means. Worst case injustices that have kept humans incarcerated in one form or another, à la group takes over kind of empowerment, masking the mind kept and gave them the inner free or freedom to outlive those groups. I need not rack my brain for an example… Mendella says it all. Eventually the groups die off or get defeated… the PQ party in Québec is another says it all. Jean-Jacques Fournier

      • Very, very true – “depending on how important free means.” We lose freedom slowly, and we let is go without a whimper. Yet, when we awake! Ah! Then we know what we have lost.

      • Exactly… and yet as you say we let our freedom go without a whimper. Too late when we awake to find it gone, some of us even have gone to war or sacrifice lives to regain being free. How sad we humans can be, so complacent as to let it be taken from us in the first place. Maybe future generations will be wiser, and shun the power mongers who lull us to sleep while they steel our freedom. Jean-Jacques

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