“ The Libertine ” ~ moot of noble mind ~


‘Tis said of man

The libertine,

Be morally moot

Of noble mind,

And wily so to boot

Will disabuse,

With wanton use

Maids who trust,

Would so dare

Gratify his lust,

Whilst he believes

His actions prove,

He idolized

Those he misused,

In varied guise…


Hence naïve women

Unmindful thus,

Will soon fall prey

To his devise,

If chance they must

Dare be in reach,

When he’ll enchant

To mesmerize,

For decadence

He’ll exercise,

On gentle mind

Or femme fatale,

Who be so careless

They be lured,

By the disguise

Of libertine,            

The morally moot

Of noble mind!


6 thoughts on ““ The Libertine ” ~ moot of noble mind ~

    • Thank you my good friend, for the high compliment. Being a Canadian of French ancestry and influence, one has to make an extra effort to be on a reasonably equal footing as they who were born in the language of Shakespeare, or the more contemporary writers of this (tongue in cheek) composition of stolen words from other languages. My little personal humour aside…

      By the way the inspiration for this poem came from a painting by Juarez Machado titled “Le Libertin”. He is originally from Brazil, became a very famous artist there, then moved to Paris and became even more famous, where this painting was done in 2002, and was sold immediately. Some years ago, for my birthday a signed lithograph of it was offered to me by Marianne, Who knows why, though I am a free thinker, I am not at all a depraved soul, nor even morally moot, at least as far as I know. Then again maybe it was because she knew I loved his work, and I found that particular painting very amusing.

      Have a fun week Jean-Jacques

  1. Hello Jean-Jacques

    Goodness….this sounded almost personal, like “someone dun someone wrong”…excellent work…very evocative to say the least.
    Refreshing to read fresh offerings from a master wordsmith.

    I guess this could be considered akin to how composers wrote scores to reflect paintings they had viewed as you mentioned in a reply here above. (Examples : Debussy – Monet and Mussorgsky – Pictures at an Exhibition). Great idea you had and well executed.

    • Hey John, how very nice and always a pleasure to hear from you. Your compliments, and responses to my reflections are the food that continues to inspire we scribblers. I am both pleased and encouraged that you continue to read my work. By the way, it is the likes of such motivation that has me near finished putting together my 10th book of poems. Thank you John.

      Keep well, and do stay in touch, this way, or in person anytime my friend. Jean-Jacques

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