“ The Lane ” ~ dead men stalk ~


The lane I walk

In dead man’s land,

Is one that bands

The forlorn souls

That dead men stock,

They who trudge

Hoping to find

What’s left of time,

And so survive

Their soul gone blind,

Unsure they be alive…


Thus as I walk

In this non world,

And watch in vain

The suffered pain

Those souls do feel,

Who try to taste

What once was real,

That man laid waste

With insane zeal,

Yet nil a peep

From alleged sheep

To save remains,

For they but follow

Big Brother’s lane,

Who need not walk

In dead man’s land,

Where dead men stalk!

                                                                          ode to Edgar Allan Poe



4 thoughts on ““ The Lane ” ~ dead men stalk ~

    • There are times dark images reach out to allow us to reflect on what man does to himself and his fellowman in his blind pursuit to achieve, regardless of what he leaves behind. In another time, and by extension other circumstances, Poe spoke out in his more eloquent compose, to excogitate on that aspect of the human condition. He remains one of, if not the most powerful influence of my way of expressing how I see that side of life experiences. Jean-Jacques

    • I like and enjoy the reflections that speak of what in particular may have touched the the person who finds cause to react to the specifics of a poem. I am pleased that you would have found enjoyment in such a dark work that is in any event the real world. Thank you for your observations. Jean-Jacques Fournier

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