“ The Innocent ” ~ till time so states ~


A fleeting gift

While unaware,

The innocent

Evolves impaired,

As impotence

Offers till then,

Brief liberty

One lives in bliss

Of ignorance,

To adolescence

When time states,

Life’s baggage

So accumulates,

Thus having felt

The telling kiss

Of omnipotence,

Obliterates recalls

Of innocence,

Made destined to be lost!



4 thoughts on ““ The Innocent ” ~ till time so states ~

  1. I’m not certain what happened but your posts are not appearing in my reader! I am going to re-follow to see if that helps. I thought that you had taken a short break!

    • Proof that today electronics though impressive, are not perfect. And here I thought like you, that you too were on a break, or even at odds with something I scribbled. I’m pleased to find that the latter was not at issue, my treasured friend, and we can blame it on technicalities. Welcome back dear Rececca! Jean-Jacques Fournier

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