“ Solitude ” ~ of discerning attitude ~


A singular solitude

Having solo latitude

Of empirical hermiting,

Seeking that reclusion

From dubious vicissitude,

With inherent aptitude

Tells of yesterday

Ignoring deliberately  

Much of times way,

In indulgent sociability

Held be but child’s play,

Of post adolescent curiosity

Disadvantaging possibilities,

Of vital vigour, and vivacity

Crossing into adult’s hood,                                                         

That may well invite solitude

Of a more discerning attitude!

6 thoughts on ““ Solitude ” ~ of discerning attitude ~

    • Yes, live long enough, and life finds room for discerning time to reflect. Thus aging brings on the kind of mental solitude of a positive nature. At some point in time maybe even making redundant that old saying that “youth was wasted on the young”, a saying attributed to both Irishmen, Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw. Born only two years apart by the way… Oscar 1854 and George 1856. Jean-Jacques

      • A sense of observation does not make a JJ so wise as to be put on a such a high level as one would Oscar and George, save of course if one is exercising a little Sunday morning humour. Though I do admit, tongue in cheek, that the ham in me does appreciate and enjoy such a picture. Have a great Sunday my dear friend.

        Jean-Jacques Fournier

      • No humor intended at all. I do not redact a word, not a single whisper, and certainly deem myself an adequate judge after all the time I have spent with Mr. Wilde and your writing. Your humility is admirable and thus you are remitted in your self judgment being off the mark. It is not all that frequently I can claim righteousness with such certainty. Happy Sunday.

      • Ah dear Paulette… you leave me near speechless, and that my exceptional friend is a substantial achievement, as Marianne would readily confirm. I am indeed flattered by your inclusion to these grand men, yet never enough to find it easy and or believable to see myself in such high company.

        I don’t know if this fits, but I have always found it easier to give than to take, this in spite of knowing that there is equal merit to know how to do both gracefully. Ergo I bow to your kind words, yield to your sincerity, and I thank you ever so much for your important presence in my world! Jean-Jacques

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