“ Reflections ” ~ in a changing eye ~


I still see clearly

The laughter

In her eyes,

Oft times

Meant but to hide

The anguish

Felt inside,

Or hold back

A mother’s tears

When in its stead

A warm embrace

Would take the place…


The while unknown

Her sheep said black,

Set to make tracks

Upon a world untried,

He’d soon discern

Life’s perilous facts,

Bids not an easy ride…


When he awakens

To look back

On years ago,

The lines of colour

Have so blurred,

He barely sees

The faded image,

For what he’d lived,

Be but reflections

Left in a changing eye,

Time now finds to obscure!


6 thoughts on ““ Reflections ” ~ in a changing eye ~

  1. It’s what we do, isn’t it. Show our acceptable face while hiding all the pain. I’ve been thinking along these lines of late, in writing and life situations. To let be, to show, what is, can really be a challenge and way to vulnerable to express at times to most others. Very lovely poem, my friend, filled with deep emotions.

    • Flashbacks of times gone by, remembering the naïve innocence of a growing up overpowering need to discover, and the wake we leave along the way. It takes all these years to try to imagine a semblance of what emotional turmoil we impose. Yet she just smiled and, in an unimposing facial expressive way, let you know she would be there for you no matter the circumstances. Thank you again dear friend. Jean-Jacques

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