” To Reinvent ” ~ one more time ~


Life tends imply

It be no longer,

Than a wink

Or a wave goodbye,

So reach to think

Of years lucent,

As time wears thin

And soon be spent,                   

When soul therein

Suggest ones done

From life now spun,

Hence without fuss

Foster what ye must

For one more time,

Thus so to reinvent!



6 thoughts on “” To Reinvent ” ~ one more time ~

    • Thank you Paulette. My five years in California nurtured those inherited from childhood re-inventive routs permanently. I’ve been living on the momentum of that well anchored philosophy ever since. And a Happy Easter to you and Terry, Max & Bella. Ciao, from Jean-Jacques & Marianne to you all.

      Jean-Jacques Fournier

  1. I agree with Paulette!

    I like the thought of “wink” for it had me thinking of the definition. A “wink” in time may be one thing to one person and quite another to someone else. Whatever, we must make our “wink” count! 🙂

    • Absolutely, we must make it count… as the bottom line whatever the context, be it a wink or a blink, a beat of the heart, or a wave of the hand, whatever the symbolic measure interpreting the overall scheme of things that says life. That of which we have only one, and in retrospect is not longer than that wink or that wave etc. Jean-Jacques

      • Why thank you Rebecca. But without you and those other interested and inspiring people, like yourself, responding to the words to which you refer I would not be paid such encouraging replies…the food on which all we writers survive. Much like inspiring music makes for inspiring dancing! Sometimes the gods are kind…

        Jean-Jacques Fournier

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